EP-10K4 Amplifier

EP-10K4 Amplifier

The E11EVEN EP Series power amplifiers incorporates sophisticated technologies to ensure the best possible performance and many years of reliable operation.


The E11EVEN power amplifiers series are designed for the utmost clarity, dependability and will deliver under extreme usage.  They have been meticulously designed with additional protection such as input sensitivity, voltage limiting and a hard or soft knee compressor.  The EP-10K4 power amplifier is a 10,000W peak at both channels driven.

The E11EVEN power amplifiers are built with additional fans, cooling fins and protection to ensure they perform flawless under extreme conditions along with a 3 year limited warranty. See the E11EVEN ES Series manual for full spec and warranty details.


Technical Specifications



    E11EVEN Sound EP series carries a 3 year limited warranty. Please contact us for warranty repairs or immediate replacement of your power amplifier. Refunds are permitted in unopened boxes with a 20% restocking fee or credit can be applied towards another EP Series power amplifier model.